December 10, 2023
Trump is still being a racist, Doctoral Grad Teaches Children Entrepreneurship Via Sewing, Hot Topic drops the ball and more in Your Daily Shot

1. Trump's Racist Politics

Two people stand in a parking lot where festival attendees gathered after the Gilroy shooting.(Thomas Mendoza / Associated Press)

Trump is at it again with his racist agenda. On Monday Trump, after a weekend of two mass shootings where at least 29 people were killed and many more injured, ties immigration policy to strengthening background checks. Just another attempt to criminalize an entire population of people while white domestic terrorists carry out mass shootings in this country against them. For more on this story check out this article

2. Doctoral Grad Teaches Entrepreneurship

It’s quite rare that we see summer programs in our communities that not only teach Black children about the basis of entrepreneurship and financial literacy, but sewing and life skills seem to have become a thing of the past. Dr. Enkeshi Thom El-Amin, a native of Guyana a small Caribbean country off the coast of South America and a recent doctoral graduate at the University of Tennessee seeks to change the narrative. More on the story here

3. "Clap Back Haley"

Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley called out Trump’s typical ‘Donald fashion’ tweet on Friday referencing the robbery of the home of House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings in Baltimore. For the full story and tweet thread go here.  

4. Hot Topic Drops The Ball

Hot Topic misses the mark with this marketing campaign. The sole Black person ends up being in in prison wear while others flourish. For more on this topic and just how tone deaf this actually was, go here

5. The Origins of Black August

If the name George Jackson doesn’t ring a bell then you’ve probably never heard of, or celebrated “Black August.” George Jackson, who is one of the founding members of the Black Guerrilla Family, was also a member of the Black Panther Party. For the full story on how Black August began, check out this article

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