December 4, 2023

Twitter, like many of Trump’s top officials, have officially decided to cut the cord after profiting from the racism, xenophobia, white nationalism, and misogyny Trump has spewed on their platform for over a decade.

I guess we shouldn’t be too shocked, given that Trump sent a cornucopia of toothless inbred mercenaries to storm Capitol Hill earlier this week, when Congress was set to ratify the Electoral College results. Because you know, fuck the years of racism of Trump spewed on one of the worlds largest platforms. Who knew that if you delayed a Congressional work day by a few hours that boom, you’re finally cancelled.


Trump, who probably has no idea how to release an official statement because his official statements have always came in the form of using his incompetent fingers guided by his incompetent brain to tweet something, is said to be deeply upset by this development. I would imagine it’s similar to taking away your 6 year old’s iPad after she cause utter mayhem. Except, in this case, the mayhem was in the form of a failed Hilly Billy coup.


Trump’s twitter account is said to be residing in the same Shadow Realm Herman Cain’s twitter account was placed in after his death. However, did that stop Herman Cain from tweeting that the Coronavirus was a hoax after dying from the…wait for it…Coronavirus? I think not.

Speaking of which, my sources tell me that Trump is frantically searching for a Ouija board, in order to try and communicate with Herman Cain’s twitter ghost in order to discover the secret of Twitter Immortality.

More on this shit show, I mean story, as it develops.

On second thought, ain’t shit finna happen.

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