December 10, 2023

More updates on the tragic murder of Atatiana Jefferson, killed by a North Texas Police officer this past week. In the below video you can see Atatiana Jefferson as she studies the human anatomy and describes the way the body works. On the night of the incident she was playing video games with her nephew. Some news outlets continue to bring up the VERY IRRELEVANT “fact” that there was a gun in her home- That isn’t illegal and it has NOTHING to do with an officer firing a shot through her window and into her home killing her.

Atatiana was 28 years old. If any organizers or activists are familiar with what the next steps are please inform us via so that we can inform the community and also help get people there to demand justice in her name. To contact Ft. Worth PD all info can be found here. The Chief of Police is Ed Krauss.

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