September 24, 2023

I don’t have a lot to say about this situation. This is a video of Travis Miller a home appliance delivery truck driver. On a regular day- he was attempting to his job in an Oklahoma neighborhood when several white men including Homeowners association President David Stewart blocked him in, began interrogating him, and refused to allow him to leave- falsely imprisoning him. The video is 40 minutes and during that time Stewart calls the police and several other men from the neighborhood- also white- begin helping him block Travis in. In the current climate in which we live- this type of terrorism- especially considering what just occurred with Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor- it’s damn near impossible to be black and existing without holding your breath and bracing yourself for the inevitable possibilities like this. This is not normal and should not be the norm.

It’s not ok for white men to believe that they are authority figures over black existence. It’s not ok for black men and women not to be able to jog, deliver furniture, or exist without having to present their freedom papers to white men with a fixation on putting black folks “in their place” under the guise of valid inquiries. Travis doesn’t owe David Stewart a damn thing and I hope that Travis sues that homeowner’s association for every fucking dime it’s worth. I hope they have to name the neighborhood after him when it’s done… but none of us should have to hope for any of this when all most of us as black folk really want from white men like David Stewart is to be left the fuck alone.

Black Truck Driver held up and blocked in by White Homeowner Association President in Oklahoma

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