June 5, 2023

Maurice Dearden is an Emergency Medical Tech with McCormick ambulances and helping people in need is his job. On August 22nd Dearden was called to an emergency scene that required him to assist an autistic woman who was having a seizure. In an attempt to assist her he had to both place the woman in the back of the ambulance and restrain the woman for her own safety as seizures cause uncontrollable convulsions and spasms. At some point during this process the woman had somehow loosened one of the restraints and Dearden then attempted to fasten the restraints again to ensure she didn’t leap out of the vehicle.

Dearden’s Sergeant (A White Woman) Then Accused him of Sexually Assaulting his patient.

The police showed up the scene with weapons drawn and threatening to tase the pan. Dearden stated that as a result of the incident he lost his second job working as a crew member for the reality show “The Masked Singer” and has been emotionally scarred since the incident. Not Knowing which weapons were being pointed at him, he thought his life was in danger and had no clue as to why he was being surrounded.

I Feared for my Life.

Maurice Dearden – EMT surrounded by LAPD

Upon review of the same Sergeant’s Body Cam footage it was made clear that Dearden had done nothing wrong and all charges against him were dropped and classified as a “Misunderstanding”. In spite of this misunderstanding, Dearden’s job with the Masked Singer was not reinstated and he was still both handcuffed and arrested on the day he was accused of being a sexual deviant while simply trying to assist a woman in need, as his job required.

CJ Lawrence (pronounced T’Challa in his native Wakandan tongue) is a full-time attorney. He is a lover
of pro-blackness, not like Rachel Dolezal-black or The Girl on Dr. Phil that is “not like those negroes”
Black, but CB4 Biggity Black. He is an outspoken activist and entrepreneur. Due to an incident in his
teenage years in which he was bitten by a radioactive financial aid officer during an HBCU campus tour,
his body is no longer able to produce fucks. Sadly, he gave his last one five Christmases ago. Presently, a
technology guru, 10-time spades champion (Deuces Wild), rabid NBA fan & philanthropic
trillionaire (in his mind, at least) he has dedicated his life to fighting his arch-
nemesis – fuck-shit & colonizary. Oh, he is also the creator of the most influential hashtag of 2014
#IfTheyGunnedMeDown, A civil & human rights activist, and CEO of Black With No Chaser.

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