December 4, 2023

American Airlines has some explaining to do after kicking off a Black Couple and their 7 week old Baby from a flight traveling from Charlotte to Philadelphia. In the video you can see the mother holding the infant while trying to explain to the flight attendant the nature of events that occurred. She does so calmly even as her voice trembles from what she’s currently experiencing. A male flight attendant comes over and proceeds to knock the phone out of the fathers hand for recording and documenting the encounter. After the assault, the video continues as the couple is forced from the plane.

The silence of everyone else on the plane is also simultaneously eye-opening and disheartening.

The entire video lasts approximately 6 minutes. Posted originally from the account of Allan Ali, Black With No Chaser has reached out to the family for comment. Below is the mother explaining her experience to someone once they have exited the plane.

We will provide more updates as the story develops. At this time American Airlines has not made comment but the video is going viral on Twitter and we anticipate that will change soon.

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