October 1, 2023

Snapchat User MHall006 “Mark Hall” can be seen in the video driving through a group of young Black Teens and speeding up as he gets closer to them. The man can be heard in the video laughing to himself and saying what sounds like “Aww Hell… 50 points!”

As though he would be rewarded for hitting them. The teen boys all manage to get out of the way of the vehicle but it was visibly apparent that the man was capable of being a danger to him and boys like them in the future.

This incident occurred in Ripley, Mississippi at approximately 3pm Monday July 25th according to one of the children’s grandmother. At the end of the video the man is heard driving past the boys saying “Stupid Niggers”.

In this climate, it is unsafe for a man with this mentality to be driving on the same streets as Black children. The man identified as Mark Hall, according to reports, was arrested today and charged with 9 counts of Simple Assault in Ripley, MS. According to reports, Hall is a 49 year old man. The case, according to reports is also being investigated to determine whether or not Hall actually made contact with one of the bicycles in which case his charges can be upgraded from simple assault to aggravated assault, a felony.

We are currently seeking additional details regarding Hall’s employment and history as his employers should be aware of who they have on their workforce and his neighbors should be aware who lives among them.

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