September 24, 2023

Here’s what we know as of now. This video was recorded on 05/10/2022. This is Marcus Antonio Allen, Jr. in this video. He is a High School senior in Yazoo City, Mississippi. In the video, He is in his father’s SUV checking his cashapp when these men approach his vehicle and begin to assault him.

As you can see in the video, the men are dressed in plain clothes. In the video it appears they never identified themselves and never asked him to identify himself before surrounding him on both sides and opening his doors and dragging him out of the car. You can see multiple men both punching and kicking Marcus in the video. Witnesses state that Marcus Jr. could be heard screaming to call the police while being assaulted.

The police were called by bystanders. By the time they arrived, Marcus Jr. had been loaded into an unmarked vehicle and transported to the county jail.

Marcus’ Family has shared with us that while this was, according to MBN, a case of mistaken identity, Marcus has been charged with: 2 counts of assault on officers
1 count of resisting arrest
1 count of disorderly conduct
1 false identification based on the above video.

By the family’s account, Marcus had been sitting at the gas station approximately 5 minutes checking his phone prior to the unexpected encounter with the men who clearly were not dressed like officers. The video supports the teen’s perspective that there was no way to know who the men were when they rushed the vehicle. Additionally, the above video is the extent of the encounter and there is no point during it where Marcus is the aggressor in the matter.

Due to the severity of his wounds, the ambulance was called to tend to him. Scared and confused, his parents were not allowed to see their son, a senior in high school, for two days until he was given a bond.

According to Marcus’ family the ambulance was not called to treat the teen for his injuries and his parents were not allowed to see him. The officers, reportedly, had a photograph of the suspect for whom they were searching and holding it up to see if it looked like him. The family states that Marcus was not the person they were searching for.

Marcus Antonio Allen, Jr. courtesy of the Family of Marcus Antonio Allen, Jr.

His prom is 05/14, but due to his facial swelling, bruises, soreness, fear, and still no answers for why this happened to him, Marcus Jr has decided not to attend.

We typically do not share mugshots but in the interest of highlighting the injuries to Marcus’ face- we felt it necessary.

Marcus Jr. is set to graduate on 05/25.

According to those with knowledge, It was later discovered that the men were officers of Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. The state of Mississippi needs to answer for this.

The Family has started a gofundme for Legal Support in this matter.

Marcus Antonio Allen, Jr. courtesy of Family of Marcus Antonio Allen, Jr.

This story will be updated as additional facts become available.

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