September 24, 2023

Police officers in Suwanee, Georgia raided the home of Christopher Johnson, who was simply trying to get ready for work. The officers forced him and his wife, who had on a night gown, to come outside to the front yard.

Johnson was embarrassingly forced to hold a wash sponge to try to cover his midsection. The officers, who are seen on the body cam video, forced him to then DROP the sponge and put his hands behind his back to be handcuffed.

“What is this about?!?” Johnson, WHO IS AN EX-LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, asked repeatedly.

According to the legal team, led by Attorney Harry Daniels, for the Johnson family, police received an alert after the Johnson’s college-aged son clicked on a messaging app he had been sent. The click was said to have been pornographic. However, the legal team states the son immediately closed the app and discontinued the service.

There was a 10 MONTH INVESTIGATION and the officers came to the Johnson door with a search warrant. NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE was charged and one week later, the family was told to come pick up three cell phones that were confiscated.

Attorney Daniels, states the officers violated the privacy of Mr. Johnson.

“The law is clear on that,” Attorney Daniels said, “and there was a garage right there. They could have put them in the garage, but instead, they kept them in the front yard exposing them to neighbors.”

More on this story, as it develops.

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