December 4, 2023

A police officer outside Houston fatally shot a woman during an altercation at an apartment complex late Monday, authorities said. The incident was captured on SnapChat by a witness and has since gone viral. In the video, the woman can be heard shouting “I’m pregnant” multiple times before she is shot. According to witnesses the victim in the shooting typically would walk her dog at night in the apartment complex and possibly had mental health issues but was peaceful and was never a problem to anyone at the apartment.

Interestingly when researching the incident we saw the typical approach that is often taken in these instances as the police department has already started stating that the woman killed (her name has not yet been released) had warrants. Isn’t it interesting that they have not released her name but have released that she “had warrants” already? The officer was on a routine patrol through the neighborhood, however he stopped the woman and proceeded to encounter her. This ultimately resulted in her death. She said to him as she tried to walk away “You’re actually harassing me right now.” He then tased her as she tried to walk away from him. Subsequently a struggle ensued and it appeared that the woman was trying to stop him from tasing her. At some point the officer pulls his weapon on the woman as she yells “I’m pregnant. I’m Pregnant!” and fires at least 5 shots. (The Video cuts out before the actual shooting).

The officers are already trying to characterize her attempts to stop him from tasing her as an attempt to “get his taser”. At the time the officer encountered the woman, there was no reason to encounter her and the officer was not looking for her for any reason at the time. The officer also lived at the same complex as the victim.

As we continue investigating the story we will add details as they develop. The Baytown officer was wearing a body cam at the time but that footage has not been released.

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