September 24, 2023

In the early Sunday Morning Hours we received a video purporting to show another man who appeared to not be breathing or moving and who the men on the video stated was dead. They banged on the windows attempting to get the attention of guards stating that the man had been laying unresponsive for hours.

Over $345 million is spent on MDOC each year by taxpaying citizens of the state of Mississippi and in less than a month this would be the 11th reported death with other injuries and possible deaths still unconfirmed. That is truly unacceptable. In addition to deaths the living conditions in which the men and women sleep are deplorable as is the food that they eat. On Friday Activists from around the country rallied at the State Capitol to challenge the governor and the legislature to shut Parchman Farms down and to implement a real strategy to create transformative change.

We do not yet know the identity of the man appearing in the video but will update this story if and when the information becomes available.

The Mississippi Prison Reform Coalition along with activists from around the country are demanding accountability from the state of Mississippi on behalf of the men and women currently incarcerated and held in MDOC’s custody.

You can help

1. Sign the petition

2. Call 844-899-9450 and tell the governor and MDOC officials to immediately #reduce the prison population, #remove harmful conditions, policies and practices, and #remedy the harm by shutting down Parchman Prison for good.

#MSPrisonReformNow #ShutdownParchman

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