December 9, 2023

Black Boy Joy. That’s all I can say about getting nine brothers from Chicago, Seattle, St. Louis, Kansas City, Philadelphia and Brooklyn, in one space to discuss relevant topics imperative to our culture. We can argue, bicker and disagree, but the one thing that we all agree on is that we are all brothers. We will hold one another accountable, we will lift each other up publicly and we will protect our black women collectively!

This conversation is something that stems from our Black Man’s Book Club that we host every week. In that club, we read books on a wide range of topics such as: Generational Wealth, Biases in Technology, Redlining and so much more. If you were able to be a fly on the wall, you would see that this is just our normal dialogue and how we communicate with one another. If I’m being completely honest, this book club gives me so much life! Every week I look forward to our meeting because we get to not only fellowship with one another, but educate each other as well.

Being able to have barbershop banter is not anything new, we have been discussing these issues in our community for generations. What is an anomaly, however, is that the worldwill get to see a bunch of educated black men articulate themselves in a way where they are not being stereotyped as predators and thugs. We are not only men; We are Black Men, Husbands,          Fathers, Sons, Uncles, Business Owners and Mentors.

The message that I am hoping to be conveyed is that of vulnerability, unity and progress. We are creatures who learn and evolve from the generations before us, and with access to technology, we were able to expound and iterate on their efforts in a way that they could not. We have taken these efforts and unified in a way that uplifts our community. We all have roles to play, from ground work activism to strategy.

My hope for this conversation is that it will bring more awareness to the fact that these talented black men are passionate about our community and actively doing the work to make the changes they would like to see in this country. Let it be known that Black With No Chaser is a safe haven for people to get plugged in to the community and organize in an effective way. 

TLK 3:7 is a new avenue in which you will hear about relevant topics pertaining to the African American community and beyond. Be sure to spread the word because your blackeness is safe here. 

Think Black.

Live Black.

Unapologetically Black.

Marcus Knight

Chief Growth Officer at Black With No Chaser

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