June 5, 2023

White America’s hatred toward a more diverse America is nothing new. Long before the election of Mango Mussolini, White America and their accessories, especially guns, have been treasured more than their bible, because THEIR guns offer a false freedom and protection against their greatest fear, the fear of a non-white America. So, when White America chooses to use this “treasured” accessory to target non-white Americans, it comes as no surprise to, well, non-white America. The fear of a non-white America isn’t a fear based on some big picture, macro fear. This fear derives from an everyday fear; A fear they witness when they walk out of their all white home, into a non-white society; A fear when they look around and see others doing just as well, which, in their blue/green eyes no longer make them the clear alpha/apex subgroup in America

This country is built on White America’s false narrative that their victories are permanent, and their sins are temporary and benign, even if the very foundation of this capitalistic country is made up of the blood of captured Africans who were bought and sold for the purpose of maximizing profit. Even racist, slaving owning men, who are dubbed the Founding Fathers in every American history/propaganda book, are shaped and molded into nationalistic deities whose evils are overlooked for the sake of their accomplishments. Imagine John Adams or the Swirl OG, Thomas Jefferson, who died when the educated white man ruled America, woke up today. Imagine for them to learn that America, in 2008, elected a black man as President and had his 102% black family, with a +/- 2% margin of error, in the White House, the same White House they saw being built by black slaves. Who would THEY support? The woman or black man or Hispanic, who last time they checked, were simply fighting to sniff at second- or third-class citizenship? Or the rich white man whose rhetoric is centered on restoring America’s Caucasian, gun-loving centric culture, founding beliefs fueled by the black blood/sweat/tears and resurrecting certain “values” no matter the cost? 

Photo Credit: The Atlantic

This desire for White America to return to their perception of a “Great America” gives them an excuse to vote for racism (MAGA); it gives them an excuse to purchase an agent of death from their local Walmart and load that agent with bullets, specifically meant to target those seeking to “take away” their jerrrrbs and “take away” their America. And as they load their agent of death with racist bullets, they may, to the best of their ability, contemplate the meaning of THEIR second amendment. When reading THEIR second amendment, White America and their guns interpret it to mean that they have a right to bear arms against tyranny in any/all forms. And if the tyranny they fear the most is a non-white tyrannical machine, which they deem to be slowly taking away their values, culture, resources and liberties, then mass shootings motivated purely on the hatred of marginalized communities is inevitable.

White America, because of their superiority complex, is astonished when they look around and see traditionally marginalized black women in their classrooms, board meetings and neighborhoods. Or when the look around and see traditionally marginalized black boys in the same STEM focused courses they assumed were only attended by 29 whites and 1 Asian. Then, to add insult to their privileged soul, White America looked up (Literally tilting their heads up to view something higher than their very existence) and saw a black family-the Obama’s-doing better than any of them could ever dream of. White America couldn’t fathom, let alone tolerate such a diverse society. And this is not to say that Obama or his presidency is the pinnacle of black success, as a collective (Because we haven’t reached the mountain top, yet), but it was to White America. White America, with their guns are targeting non-White America at an alarming rate, as they attempt to literally commit domestic terrorism (Which is nothing new. See: Reconstruction) in order to scare non-white America back into the realm of second-class citizenry. And even though this domestic terrorism was stoked long before the age of Trumpism, White America has chosen to live vicariously through a person who outwardly and proudly share their biggest nightmare, their biggest feat. The fear of a diverse America, striving for financial, legal, gender and racial equity.

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