September 24, 2023

US President Donald Trump speaks during a Keep America Great Rally at Kellogg Arena December 18, 2019, in Battle Creek, Michigan. (Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY / AFP) (Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images)

I’m the loudest and and most confident about some shit I learn when I JUST learn it. It’s human nature. Learning shit can be exciting and when you learn some shit, you want to proclaim what you just learned to the rest of the world before you forget. I remember my daughter Harper exhibited this same behavior when she finally learned her ABC’s. It was a monumental feat for her, because like us, she wanted to show off her knowledge of how smart she was.

And honestly, I couldn’t get her to STFU.

Now, once she mastered her ABC practice, she stopped reciting her knowledge to anyone not willing to hear it. She only used her mastery of the ABC recital when called upon by her drunk Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents at family functions. And just like Harper’s excitement to exhibit her once newly found knowledge of reciting ABC’s, I can tell that a lot of people on the internet (both on Twitter and Zuckerberg’s internet) only recently discovered how the impeachment process works/operates.

Those, like Harper with her ABC’s, who just learned how the impeachment process works seem, in my estimation, to be a little too loud and a little too confident about impeachment proceedings toward those who may not be as familiar. Which strikes me as odd considering they JUST learned the shit. Essentially, they are the equivalent of Harper talking shit to her slightly younger cousin who has A-R down to a science, but can’t quite get the hang of S-Z.

But again, we tend to be our loudest and most confident when we just learn some shit.

The “hE wOn’T bE rEmOvEd FrOm OfFiCe” crowd or the “yOu DoN’t KnOw ShIt AbOuT tHe ImPeAcHmEnT pRoCeSs” crowd seem to be less productive than the crowd who actually lacks the casual knowledge of a very specific subject that comes up maybe once every lifetime. And is the information readily available? Sure, but Presidential impeachments have only happened twice before yesterday, with Donald J (The “J” is for Just Mf Impeached) Trump being the 3rd President in this country’s history to be formally impeached by the United States House of Representatives. With the stresses of life and bills on people’s mind, why not educate those people who may not be as familiar with the process, instead of shaming and ridiculing them? Is it because you just learned the shit, yourself? If you know the impeachment process so well, do you know how a bill is passed? Do you know the role/duties of the Supreme Court of the United States? Do you know what a Continuing Resolution means? Do you know the difference between “their,” “there” and “they’re,” mf? Well, DO YOU??

Anyway, let me stop being petty and let’s educate..

*So who are the two other Presidents to be impeached?*

The two other Presidents were Andrew Johnson (who was a racist bastard, btw), who was impeached for removing his Secretary of War (They called the Defense Department the War Department at the time. Gawd damn, the War Department. You know a country wants all the smoke when they name a department after conflicts that leave millions dead) unceremoniously and without the Senate’s approval, and good ole Bill Clinton, who was impeached for getting his dic..I mean, for lying under oath about getting his dic..never mind.

Both Presidents, however, were not removed from office. Because in order to be removed from office, after being impeached, you must be tried and convicted by the United States Senate. And the amount of votes it takes to actually obtain this requirement/guilty verdict is two-third of the Senate vote (The Senate vote could be all 100 Senators or half, just depends which Senators want to get their “hands dirty). So needless to say, in order to remove a sitting President from office, that mf will need to commit nothing short of an OJ. And I’m not talking about stealing your own shit back OJ. No, I’m talking allegedly killing two white folks OJ. The word “allegedly” just made me laugh, there.

*But..But what about Richard “Dick” Nixon?*

First off, I’ve referenced the D word far too many times, already.

Second, third and fourth off, Slimy Dick Nixon resigned before the House could even get their formal impeachment vote on. He would’ve, undoubtedly, been the second President (at the time) to be impeached and the first (and probably only) President to be removed from office by the Senate.

*Will Trump just pull a Richard Nixon and resign?*

Nah, because the Senate will not meet the required amount of votes (Again, two-thirds) to remove him from office. And even if they did have enough votes, he would stick it out because of the ego; the privilege; and, more importantly, the cocaine.

*So why are we celebrating his impeachment?*

Because we MF PETTY!

*So what happens next?*

Well, being formally impeached essentially means that formal allegations have been brought against Trump, who was impeached on two articles. The first vote, 230-197, was to impeach him for abuse of power and was almost entirely on party lines; it was followed quickly by a second 229-198 vote that the president obstructed Congress. The House Reps who voted to impeach Trump claim they have ample evidence Trump had abused his power by pressuring Ukraine to announce investigations into political rival Joe Biden and his son, while withholding almost $400 million in aid, and had obstructed Congress by refusing to release any documents related to his actions.

*Nigga, I got the impeachment thing, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?*

Oh shit, my bad. So Trump will be tried by the Senate, which is controlled by the Republicans and a slight majority will vote not guilty, essentially. The vote will be no where near the two-thirds majority vote you would need to remove him from office.

*So this is all for nothing?*

Nah, not really.

*How so?*

Because Trump is corrupt and he has done PLENTY of corrupt shit. This so happens to be one of the corrupt “shits” people have so much evidence on, that they can officially called him out on it. And now he’s pissed at this tarnished mark on his corrupt ass legacy.

*So this is really just to piss him off?*

Yep. Because, again, WE MF PETTY!

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