June 8, 2023

@BWNC Radio: Did you choose music or did music choose you?

@reallyjordanwebb: Funny enough I feel like music chose me as much as I chose music. Ever since I was a lil one I loved listening to the radio, especially 80s and 90s hits, and would often get in trouble for singing along to the songs too loudly after I was firmly instructed to go to bed. When I was 12, I tried to start a band but I was too poor to afford instruments, so I settled for writing poems and occasionally turning them into full rap songs or features for a friend of mine who was, by high school standards at the time, doing it big with his Soundcloud releases.

WTF is THAT? – Episode 1

Somewhere around that same time in high school, I took a piano class for one semester and realized that I had a soul-borne desire to pursue music, but I would have a lot of catching up to do since my contemporaries at the time had been making music for years in advance. This constant motivation led me to push myself to embrace and refine my musical skills over the last 11 years, which has helped make me feel much more prepared for the current releases and opportunities I’m being presented with.

@BWNC Radio: Take us back to the first song you remember creating?

@reallyjordanwebb: It was a humid, overcast day in Tennessee circa 2012. I sat at a kitchen table pretending to be working on a paper for my English class, when in reality I was scouring YouTube for instrumentals to write to. After about thirty minutes of the farce, I managed to find an instrumental that clicked for me and started writing furiously. About an hour or so later, I had the first draft of a song I’d fully written by myself, hook and all.

WTF is THAT? – Episode 2

At this point in my high school life, I did not have any access to recording equipment, save for one of my friends who was out of town visiting family during my moment of musical achievement. However, instead of being sad I couldn’t record, I just said ‘fuck it, i’ll do it live’ and entered into my high school talent show competition with the song I wrote, which brings us to my first ever musical performance.

@BWNC Radio: What was your first performance like?

@reallyjordanwebb: Picture this: you’re standing in a dark, narrow hallway off to the side of a stage trying to gather yourself before striding out onto stage in a theater full of people who usually don’t pay you much mind outside of the occasional “What does he actually do” question. Now imagine that the second you start performing your song, the entire crowd begins clapping along and cheering for you until the performance is concluded to a standing ovation. This was the exact scene I experienced during my first performance and it marked a pivotal point in my music career: seeing myself as an artist through others’ view.

@BWNC Radio: Give us your top WORST albums of all time 🤣

@reallyjordanwebb: Every Logic album after Young Sinatra (though, to be fair, I will say a lot of the production is pretty good)

@BWNC Radio: If you couldn’t be an artist, what would you be?

@reallyjordanwebb: Probably either an astrophysicist or a mental health counselor with a primary focus on Black people’s mental health. I really love space and science and would have dedicated a lot more of my time to both fields of study if I didn’t choose the path of an artist. I’m also extremely passionate about Black peoples’ mental health, especially post-pandemic and mid-collapse America. Mental health is something I am always prioritizing in my own, and my teams’, lives and I feel like I could work towards restoring harmony in our community by providing a more level-headed and grounded form of talk therapy for Black folks.

WTF is THAT – Episode 3

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