Yes I’m mad that America America’d: A Late Night Rant on the Senate Impeachment Trial

To the chagrin of all who have common sense, but to absolutely no one’s surprise, today the Musty Manchild was saved by Cult45 senators for the second time. Despite the overwhelming evidence of Donald Trump using his platform to seek, kill, and destroy our understanding of democracy and American jurisprudence, 43 cowards decided to break their oaths to the American people in order to assuage a demagogue’s ego.

Trump’s main cuckold, Senator M(b)itch McConnell, went so far as to admit that he was responsible for the insurrection; saying on the Senate floor that “Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of [January 6, 2021].”

But like I said, no one is surprised by this. In fact, the real shocker was that seven Republican senators decided to keep their oaths by voting to convict the Moldy Mango. Kudos to them, but I’m not going to use this safe space for Black thought to praise a fraction of a color-redacted cohort for doing their jobs. 

So why am I upset that the expected occurred? Because the expected occurred. 

I knew that the House impeachment managers—affectionately known in my head as Stacey Plaskett and The Prosecutors—would kick ass and take (apparently seven) names as they present an airtight case against the former POTUS. I figured that a team of GreatValue Cochrans would have enough caucacity to shirk accountability, rewrite history in their favor, and proffer that a Supreme Court ruling involving our venerated ancestor and civil rights law legend Julian Bond could, in any way, help the case of a staunch white supremacist. 

I fully expected Senate Republicans to choose power over people. Cult45 didn’t vote to acquit their Cretinous Carrot because they truly believed that he was innocent. They chose not to hold him accountable because the very real possibility that they could’ve lost their lives on January 6 at the hands of domestic terrorists paled in comparison to them losing their jobs at the votes of the Democrats (and Republicans with some sense) come next election cycle. 


But I’m mad because I also expect 45’s acquittal to be just the beginning of some TERRIBLE case law. This acquittal set, quite possibly, the worst legal precedent since Dred Scott v. Sandford. I expect that it will take at least 2 generations worth of presidents and congressmen to right the wrongs that 43 deserters of democracy committed today. Today marked the top of the slippery slope that is going to be the fall of American jurisprudence as we know it. 

43 bastions of cognitive dissonance just gave Trump’s base permission to use the outcome of this impeachment trial to bolster white supremacy and create a roadmap for racists across the country to assemble and incite hatred against those who strive to be on the right side of history. 

I’m mad because I expect more January 6s across the country. We already have an example of a botched coup attempt in Michigan late last year; Georgia’s secretary of state received numerous death threats after the Melon Mussolini expressed his distaste for a man lawfully doing his job. What happened at the Capitol on January 6 could’ve been the end of a short chapter of American history, where several thousand people lost their gahdamn minds at the behest of a madman starved for mass attention.

Instead, 43 of the most powerful members of Cult45 set the legal landscape for this to be just the beginning…

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