September 25, 2023
After a long night of debates, BWNC breaks down the latest news covering Cyntoia Brown release date, Ethiopia setting record, #DemDebate, and More

1. Cyntoia Brown

Next week Cyntoia Brown will be released from prison in Tennessee on August 7. Then Governor Bill Haslam commuted her sentence due to overwhelming public outcry that forced his hand. Brown was a victim of a sex trafficking scheme which led to her killing a Nashville real estate agent while he was sleep because she feared for her life. We’re happy she’s coming home. Read more of the story here

2. Ethiopia Set Record

Ethiopia sets record for planting 353 million trees in 12 hours. According to authorities, Prime Minister Ahmed is on a quest to plant 4 billion trees by October. This is also part of a major reforestation project to combat climate change. For more on the story, check this article out. 

3. Hamza bin Laden, Son of Qaeda Founder, Is Dead

C.I.A., via Associated Press

Osama bin Laden’s son, Hazma bin Laden, is dead. Since his father’s death, he has made numerous threats to attack America. He was the heir to Al Qaeda. More on the story can be found here

4. #FirePantaleo

While Sen. Cory Booker and Mayor DeBlasio were giving their opening statements at last night’s #DemDebate, protesters Tamika Mallory and artist Mysonne began chanting “Fire Pantaleo” in the crowd. Pantaleo is the officer who unjustly killed #EricGarner 5 years ago by putting him an illegal chokehold. Family, friends, and the community still mourn the death of our comrade. Thank you to our brave comrades for shaking things up at the debate. Salute! More on the story here.  

5. #DemDebate Takeaways by BWNC

#DemDebate 4 of 1,456,267 Takeaways:

1.) Idk why I keep subjecting myself to watch these speed dating debates. 

2.) I just wish the DNC would ghost some of these candidates like ole boy did Issa on Insecure. 

3.) I know y’all are looking forward to Biden or Harris or Castro or Booker but I’m looking forward to my guy Yang. Yang 20mf20…

4.) Bill De Blasio is Dollar Store Bernie Sanders 

5.) “Kids belong in classrooms, not cages.” 

***Michael Bennett’s head: Hell yeah, I nailed that. Lemme let that shit sit for like 30 seconds before I say another mf word.*** 

6.) Gilibrand been talking like Hillary but now she’s even starting to look like her. 

For more on the takeaways, click here

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