December 10, 2023
Database for Racist, Violent and Otherwise Offensive Language by Active and Retired Police Officers . . . The "Stephon Clark" Bill Signed Into Law . . . Top 20 Flexes for 30 Somethings can all be found in #YourDailyShot

1. #StephonClark Bill signed into law

via HuffPost

Amen. Over a year after #StephonClark was shot to death by Sacramento Police while being unarmed, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the strictest law on police conduct and has changed the standard by which courts will use in California when confronted with a police involved shooting. For more on this story, check out this article published by our very own Angela Dennis. 

2. Database for racist, violent and otherwise offensive language by active and retired police officers

Would you believe it if we told you that racism runs rampant in police culture? Well, Buzzfeed and Injustice Watch report in the Plain View Project just how deep, vile, and disgusting police culture is in America. For more on how this project’s impetus, go here

3. Maryland man arrested for threatening to harm a Hispanic woman in Florida

Via The Hill

Enough is enough. 35-year-old Eric Lin has been arrested for allegedly sending Facebook messages to a Hispanic in Florida. The prosecutors filed a lengthy report stating the exact words Lin used, which were nothing short of being some of the most racist things one can say about other human beings. For more on this story, go here

4. A Black Lady Sketch Show just might be a tad bit funnier and a lot more inclusive

The new show on Netflix titled “A Black Lady Sketch Show” has dropped Season 1. Y’all if you haven’t seen it yet, go do it. Like now! Here is a good article to catch you up to speed on why you show be glued in. 

5. Top 20 Black flexes for 30 somethings

Black people in their 30s are always flexing. Hell, Black people in general are masters at the art of flexing. In this article, see firsthand the “Top 20” Black flexes for people in their 30s. Enjoy!

August 20, 1944:

On this day the Spingarn Medal was presented to Charles R. Drew “who set up and ran the blood plasma bank in the Presbyterian Hospital in New York City which served as one of the models for the widespread system of blood banks now in operation for the American Red Cross.”

The Marcellus Wiley's Rant

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