Black Voters Showed Up in 2020, Now What?

Each election cycle Black folks are lectured to about voting. We’re inundated with false generalizations about low voter turnout and we all know people who always want to talk about when the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze swept the nation last year, “Black folks stood in line for that sandwich but won’t stand in line to vote,” as if people of all racial groups don’t like Popeyes…shut up.

32 Shots: Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

As the NFL moves into Week 9, the season half way point, we recap where every team ranks in relation to the rest of the league and discuss the key stories surrounding their respective seasons. 1. Kansas City Chiefs (7-1) Putting the team on his back! In a game where the Chiefs were heavily favored to win, Andy Reid and company decided to throw the ball 47 times versus a total of 20 rushes against the winless New York Jets. This was even despite holding on to a double-digit lead…