Black gun violence prevention activists pull up on the steps of the Supreme Court

“Over 100,000 people are shot or killed every year by and the majority are Black or Brown. This public health crisis has spiraled out of control, and we need leaders from the Supreme Court [on] down to step up and establish solution to end gun violence. I have lost many friends, neighbors and family members to this vicious cycle. Enough is enough.”

End Daniel Pantaleo’s GoFundMe Page

The spirit of the #FirePantaleo movement was short-lived. Not that he was hired back but for another reason. Less than twenty-four hours after word got around that Daniel Pantaleo was being fired and lost his pension, someone by the name of R Trois created a GoFundMe page to raise $150,000 for an unlawful, “untruthful,” and “disingenuous” former officer. Indeed, this is America. A country where people wage arguments attempting to qualify a “smart mouth” as justification for killing another human being is down right inhuman and like Marc Lamont Hill…