BWNC Presents Game of Thrones Week: Arya “MF” Stark

Arya Stark aka Arya “MF” Stark aka My N*gga aka RN (Real N*gga) Holiday aka The List Queen aka Needle’s Momma has been a G since Season 1, Episode 1 when she was introduced into our lives as a tomboy who openly and proudly rebelled against societies expectations of what a girl should be. While on a mission for fun and adventure, her “brother,” Jon Snow, supports and enables Arya’s true passion by gifting her Needle, a sword that would be near and dear to her heart throughout her entire journey. When she ventures to Kings Landing with the OG Ned Stark and her sister, Sansa Stark, Arya is introduced to her first instructor, Syrio Forel (The First Sword of Braavos). With Syrio’s teaching, we see the first glimpse of Arya’s true potential, as she briefly excels under Syrio’s tutelage by sparing with wooden swords and chasing cats and shit.  Aside from Myca, the Butcher’s Boy, being brutally murdered by the Hound, and losing her direwolf, Nymeria, Arya experiences a devastating tragedy in the form of her dad, OG Ned Stark, being beheaded thanks to King Joffrey (Someone she hated from DAY ONE). After escaping Kings Landing, Arya’s true journey begins. She disguises herself as a boy for survival purposes, but she also moves further away from the lessons her father and family taught her and moves closer to violence and death. Having already made her first kill (when she stabbed the fat boy with Needle in Kings Landing), Arya’s struggle with trauma is highlighted thanks to the loss of her father and Syrio Forel. This trauma, as tragic as it is, also births something great; it sparks her to recite her now famous list. This list, which stays with her throughout her entire journey, is the fuel that drives Arya to become one of the most ruthless killers Westeros has ever seen. Even though on this first leg of her journey she makes friends with Gendry (King Robert’s Bastard) and Hot “11 Herbs and Spices” Pie, she also witnesses cruel act after cruel act. Polliver, a Lannister fuck boy, kills one of her homies with Needle AND steals Needle. She witnesses tons of atrocities at the dumpster fire juice hell, Harrenhal, where she develops an unlikely father/daughter relationship with Tywin Lannister and meets the legendary Jaqen H’ghar. Both of these men will serve as mentors to Arya. Tywin’s mentoring is clearly a bit more complicated, but the little advice he gave Arya would serve her well throughout the remainder of her journey, including recognizing the difference between Milord and My Lord. After escaping Harrenhal—thanks to Jaqen H’ghar—Arya finds herself linking up, momentarily, with the Brotherhood Without Banners. Even though they initially didn’t know she was a Stark, this was short lived after the Hound shows up and calls her ass out. Arya’s trust in the Bannerhood Without Banners is short lived after they sell off her n*gga, Gendry, to Meli “never trust a white woman with red hair” sandre. This backstabbing act not only puts their leader on her list but makes Arya run away, where she is captured by non other than the Hound. Arya and the Hound—though initially very tumultuous—develop a father/daughter relationship in a fucked up, lemme get y’all chickens, money and Pony kind of way. They go from journey to journey, killing n*ggas, robbing n*ggas, helping n*ggas and killing more n*ggas. Arya even manages to get back her beloved Needle. Of course she had to kill a n*gga (Polliver) to do it, but after obtaining Needle, Arya feels more whole than before. After experiencing another tragic event in the form of the Red Wedding, the Hound was there to serve as her protector while her entire family was literally being massacred before her very eyes. After her time with the Hound was cut short by Brienne whopped the Hound’s ass, she left the Hound for dead (and removing him from her list) to journey to Braavos to link up with the aforementioned Jaqen H’ghar. Here, she would learn how to become a Faceless Assassin. Her training through Jaqen, the Waif and the God of Death, itself, allows Arya to gain the killing skills necessary to fuck n*ggas up. And even though she left Jaqen and the Faceless Assassins on bad terms because she would rather embrace the Stark within her, they couldn’t do shit but respect her gangster when she told em, “I’m Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home.” When she journeyed back home, Arya proceeded to get revenge on the Red Wedding and killed off EVERY SINGLE MF MEMBER OF HOUSE FREY. Arya highlighted all of her training (From Tywin to Jaqen to the Hound) and knocked off an entire House in one scene. After securing the revenge bag, she headed straight to Kings Landing to fuck up Cersei and nem, but when she stopped at Hot Pie’s shop, she was surprised to learn that her brother, Jon, was now ruler of Winterfell and King in the North (after assuming that the batshit crazy Bolton’s still had control of the North). When she returned home, Sansa—her frenemy sister—is there to meet her, while Jon is off on a mission to see the Dragon Queen. Even though their reunion got off to a bit of a rocky start (which was exacerbated by that conniving ass Littlefinger), they remembered the words of their father: “When the snows fall and the white winds blow” – When winter comes; ‘The lone wolf dies but the pack survives’” and kill Littlefinger. Arya’s Strength: – Killing n*ggas – Killing moe n*ggas – Wearing faces – Sword combat – Ride or Die – Trill – Not letting shit slide – Being able to conduct a mini genocide at parties – Killing even moe n*ggas Arya’s Weaknesses: – Not a MF thing

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