Video: Rhythm + Flow Winner D Smoke Premiers his Newest offering with Anthem “Black Habits”

Netflix Rhythm + Flow contest winner D Smoke just dropped some heat for Black History Month! The Inglewood Native evokes a distinctively west coast vibe over a haunting track in an equally haunting video that manifests Django vibes as he sits atop a brown horse and spits from the soul. D Smoke is a bi-lingual musician with an impeccable flow and his ascension is no mistake. Take a listen to “Black Habits” and you’ll begin to understand why… whatever IT is… he has IT!

Court Orders An Expedited On Site Inspection of Parchman Prison for Roc Nation Attorneys

Via TeamRoc: The court “authorized expedited discovery in the form of an on-site inspection” at Parchman Prison; it is taking place today in Mississippi. The facilities, medical evaluations, and water and sewage tests will all be subject to scrupulous inspection by subject matter experts chosen by the legal team representing Parchman inmates. A record of the findings will be documented via photography at all stages of the inspection. Read the full orders here: Case: 4:20-cv-00007-DMB-JMV Doc #: 49 Case: 4:20-cv-00007-DMB-JMV Doc #: 48 Follow @teamroc for updates.

Diabetic 20 Year Old In Parchman’s Unit 29 May Lose foot or Life Because of Prison’s Neglect

Upon his plea for help, We demand Parchman State Penitentiary take immediate action on behalf of Justin Hurst. In fear of retaliation, we demand transparency to the families of all men’s medical treatment inside MDOC facilities henceforth. For over a month a Mississippi mother has been contacted by her son from inside Parchman State Penitentiary Unit 29. Her son, Justin is Diabetic and in desperate need of treatment for his condition. His mother was informed that his feet had swollen beyond recognition and that he has been refused medical attention…

Snoop Dogg And The Misogyn-ets Who Agree With Him F*cked It Up For Everybody

If there was ever a picture of “I wish this knacker would STFU,” it would be a picture of Snoop Dogg. When the Gayle King interview with Lisa Leslie hit the social media-verse, it became clear from the jump that a lot of people would not agree with Gayle’s line of questioning about Kobe Bryant’s past rape allegation. From then, a semi firestorm erupted. But this firestorm was nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone on social media tends to overreact. This slight overreaction came attached with a few funny memes,…