September 28, 2023

The video is blurred but is still disturbing. Roderick Brooks was chased down and had his life taken because someone believed he took detergent with a value of $1 on July 8th at a Dollar General.

Certainly, Brooks’ life should have meant more than the possibility of detergent and that something as trivial as this resulted in the loss of human life in exchange for the preservation of soap.

The family of Brooks seeks justice for the tragic loss of Mr. Brooks. Prior to the family’s pushing for the release of the full video- they stated through their family attorney that they had only seen 2 highly edited versions of the footage.

Bodycam Footage via Harris County

Via abc 13 The Brooks’ family attorney, Sadiyah Evangelista-Karriem, said during a meeting with the sheriff’s office last week, they saw two edited versions of the body camera footage, but what was released to the public was further edited. They claim to make it seem justified.

“They even edited even further because they saw that there was punching in there. We saw that with our own eyes where the assault took place on Roderick Brooks,” Evangelista-Karriem said.

The unedited video shows Officer Garrett Hardin firing a round into the back of Brooks’ neck fatally wounding him. Brooks’ family is demanding Justice and currently preparing to move forward with a civil rights suit for the loss of their loved one.

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