June 5, 2023

This is a first hand account from an eyewitness that shared the events and video with us. These officers were looking for teenage boys that were alleged to have been shooting fireworks around the metro including in the direction of others. THESE BOYS WERE NOT THE BOYS according to our eyewitness who stated that these 13 year olds had just gotten off their train (U-Street). Much like the New York incident we recently shared These boys were falsely accused and being detained with one laying face down. You can see one young boy in a black t-shirt with one of the officers sitting on the bench. The man you see in the video intervened and tried to speak peacefully with the officers to explain that these boys had done nothing wrong and simply protect him. Rather than deescalate the situation one of the officers charges toward the man with a taser in his hand as though he has been waiting his entire life to tase someone. This is where it gets incredibly frustrating. The eyewitness who can be heard yelling in the background to try to comfort the young boys and also to protect the kind stranger sees the officer moving toward the man and asks why he’s taken a taser out and it’s clear the kind stranger is neither belligerent nor violent nor armed. The officer charges the taser and goes toward the man missing him the first time and subsequently hitting him. If Anybody has any info they can provide regarding these officer’s badge numbers or an additional angle of this video – please let us know so that we can demand justice. The kind stranger who was trying to help the boys was last seen being dragged up the escalator by the officers. The boys were allowed to go home. Please help us with this. As more info becomes available we will be sharing it with you. I apologize for any typos as I’m shaking with anger as I write this.

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