December 9, 2023

This #GetFamiliar episode was different! We got to chat with D. Horton while recording in the studio. The conversation was lovely!

D. Horton: “It’s just like me… sitting down with myself and saying “Okay how does this make you feel?” and being honest with it, being transparent I think a lot of people who have been going out fighting and going through so many traumatic experiences from a pandemic to like … (pause) you have to be able to sit down and say, “where am I? What’s going on in my head?” as he stands up and starts off the interview in the most unconventional way.

And yes, I appreciated being the fly on wall during his recording session.

David Horton II also know as D. Horton is a representative of Columbus, Ms and Omega Psi Phi (Roo to da Bruhz – OO-OOP) and very seasoned in the activist and artist lane. BlackWithNoChaser was invited to join him on the frontlines of protesting for #RickyBell and as we sat down with him, we understood exactly why D. Horton is a King in ways deeper than the music

#GetFamiliar Episode 3

The world has been a classroom in session all pandemic learning the many lessons of #BlackLivesMatter, understanding that it is a movement and not a moment; also understanding it beyond a hashtag. Mississippi has countless cases in our own backyard that we are currently addressing but other issues hit home a bit harder when an artist uses their platform to uplift the messages of the movement.

The artist and activist role that D. Horton takes seriously is nothing new, in 2015, he collaborated with Jackson, Mississippi’s own Seth Power addressing racial divide and equality. You can see the youthfulness because the strong lion locs had not kicked in yet but you can also see clearly in his smile that he was set on a mission and “no” was not an answer he would be accepting.

BlackWithNoChaserME gets an exclusive in the YO, Bandwidth Studios in Birmingham, Alabama with D. Horton as he is currently putting in work on his latest project; which he dubs as his own “therapy session”. He dropped an amazing project in 2019, that has one of my favorite songs called “Why” featuring J. Skyy (Jxn, Ms). Let it be known that Mississippi is all over the map and most definitely in the heart of ATL so do not be surprise when things POP OFF in ATL purely from voices of the Sipp. “I wanna extend the outlet on how they look at the Sipp. I wanna be a lyricist from Mississippi!”

Why – D. Horton feat J. Skyy

Bandwidth Studio by Will Power who is from Hattiesburg, Mississippi (associated with BIG KRIT and Josh Waters) has created a home away from home for the Mississippi to Atlanta transplants. This is important to the culture and very vital to the artist creativity process. D. Horton dubbed the studio as his “safe place” and as Black Men and Mental Health should be a reoccurring discussion, it was comforting to hear a man find his solace in such a dangerous world. He mentioned being thankful for the opportunity to be selfish in the studio and talking to the mic.

#GetFamiliar on Spotify

While he is currently preparing more goodness for our soul, we have provided his discography above for you to enjoy. Make sure you check out the King on all social media platform and streaming platforms.

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