Juvenile and Birdman’s “Just Another Gangsta” Shockingly Dope

Juvenile has teamed up with Birdman on his new album release Just Another Gansta which dropped today. It’s just a few months since the 20th year anniversary release of his best selling album 400 Degreez which was released on November 3, 1998 and continues to be Cash Money Record’s best selling album of all time. The Back That Ass Up king has rejoined Cash Money and looking to make a comeback in the rap game. Now I am sure like many of you, I wasn’t quite sure if I could enjoy a Juvenile and Birdman record in 2019. Often when old school rappers try to make a comeback it is never shy of disastrous, however after listening to the album I am actually pleasantly surprised. It gave me a nostalgic feeling while not sounding overly dated. It features 12 tracks and a guest appearance by Cash Money’s newest artist NLE Choppa. The album opens with the self titled track Just Another Gangsta that has a 90’s type of sound to it that you can dance to. The rest of the record flows well with Juvie’s voice over modern beats, is full of energy and less of Birdman which is a good thing. In Conclusion, I give it flames. Listen for yourself.

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