June 5, 2023

In yet another throw the whole system away moment, Sheriff Brindell Wilkins, who has served as the sheriff of Granville County since 2009, has been  charged with two counts of felony obstruction of justice for withholding knowledge of a credible threat made against Joshua Freeman and failing to take appropriate law enforcement action. The indictment came after a ten month investigation by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI, according to a release from Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman.  The North Carolina sheriff was indicted on a charge of pushing a plot to kill an ex-deputy who had a recording of him using “racially insensitive language.”

The indictment was a result of a recorded conversation with a “well-known” person who threatened former deputy, Joshua Freeman, Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said on Monday. According to a felony indictment unsealed Monday, in August of 2014, Wilkins instructed an unnamed person to murder the deputy who was planning to publicly reveal a tape of him using “racially offensive language to authorities in Raleigh”. In the recording, Wilkins allegedly said “the only way to stop him is kill him,” and urged the person he was speaking to to “take care of it.”  He also allegedly discussed the time and location where the killing could take place and also how the would-be killer might avoid getting caught saying, “you ain’t got the weapon, you ain’t got nothing to go on,” according to the indictment. “The only way we find out these murder things is people talk,” Wilkins told the man, according to court records. “You can’t tell nobody nothin’, not a thing.”

Now here is where it gets even worse. This situation is yet another prime example of what is wrong with America’s justice system. According to Lorrin Freeman, Wilkins is not yet required to step down from his position as sheriff. “Technically, he can continue to serve if he chooses until convicted,” Freeman told the News & Observer. Wilkins was released on $20,000 bond on Monday and is set to appear in Granville County court on Oct. 9.

Listen, we know this isn’t the first time nor the last time something like this will happen. But letting him keep his job just shows how much they don’t give a damn. This man was plotting to kill a fellow officer in an effort to protect and prolong his racism. If Blue Lives really mattered, he would be sitting in a cell or at the house and not on his job. But they only scream that when Black folks involved. Again, throw the whole damn system away.


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