LeBron is the New Face of Hummer

For those of you who have followed LeBron since he burst on the scene as a highschool basketball phenom, you are fully aware of the relationship that LeBron and his mother has with the brand. Back in 2002, Gloria James gave her son a $50,000 pewter-colored Hummer H2 with multiple televisions…..

Bias and the Black QB in the NFL

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the historic nature in which the NFL had Black men as starting quarterbacks. I talked, with guarded optimism, about how the associated biases and stigmas that were unfairly levied against Black quarterbacks since the beginning, were finally starting to subside. This new age, this Golden age, of the Black QB was here (finally!) and there was no turning back. But then today told me otherwise….

The NBA Takes A Stand

The recent shooting by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin has added even more anger to an already heated time in America. There have been protests and riots brought on by the injustices we are seeing taking place with cases like Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. And now we have Jacob Blake. The protests in the streets have now spilled over into the world of sports with more than just wearing shirts and taking knees. The Milwaukee Bucks, whose home state the Blake shooting took place in, have now decided to boycott Game…