September 24, 2023

I’m sitting at my desk and Woman to Woman by Shirley Brown comes on my playlist…. I blame Kwon for his piece about Mokenstef’s “He’s Mine” and well…. Woman to Woman was a dumb ass song too!

First of all… Shirley was not so bright. She was buying this man’s clothes. I’m assuming she bought the bed too since she threw that out there. Shirley even said the food. Every single piece of food to be exact. And on top of that… she was paying this jigga’s car note!

Come on Na Shirley!

Now I have some questions…. Did Shirley find Barbara’s number when she was going through her old man’s pockets one morning?

Basically she didn’t trust his ass no way.

So how did Shirley assume that Barbara loves that mane?

And to think our parents had the nerve to come for our music. Let me add this song was released in 1974.

And for the record Shirley… heyal naw… in 2020 we can’t damn see where you were coming from and no we would not have done the same thing too! Bye Shirley!

Ladies (hell fellas)… have you ever been a Shirley or a Barbara?

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