Watch: Black With No Chaser CEO Describes Being Stopped, Detained & Unconstitutionally Searched by dog and Louisiana State Police

On Friday Feb. 21, 2020 I got Stopped, Profiled, detained for an hour, searched by dogs & had my rental car searched by Louisiana State Police. I’m alive but I know that I am not ok. I haven’t slept well & think about it daily. Here is video of me recounting the incident

Black in the Day…Voter Suppression Violence

September 28, 1868:   On this date one of the worst outbreaks of violence during Reconstruction took place in Opelousas, Louisiana. The Opelousas massacre occurred. That city in Louisiana was the site where local Blacks lost their lives by violent whites (many of them Confederate veterans and prominent citizens). The event started with three local members of the KKK-like Knights of the White Camelia beating teacher and newspaper editor Emerson Bentley—while he was teaching class—because he had promoted voter registration and education for all. After some Black folks, mostly freedmen, came…