November 30, 2023

What’s up BWNC family. Our CEO Kwon Garvey (Cj Lawrence) has been continually attacked, banned, and silenced by Facebook. In Spite of this being one of the biggest week’s every in our company’s history we are still dealing with push back from sources beyond our control. In fact, they disabled his original account because he shared a Beyoncé Coachella video on our platform. (Petty) Currently under his new account, he is unable to post, make comments, and manage the social media company he created.

This has a huge impact on our day to day operations and financial bottom line. It’s because of his tireless efforts that much of the content you all have come to enjoy and expect from us happens. Here is the thread where CJ Describes what happened to him. It has now been 9 DAYS since he was allowed to post anything to the Facebook page.

For clarification Cj Typed “April” but meant September 6th -the date the storm occurred in the Bahamas.

We know that FB is silencing him because of our unapologetic Blackness and unwillingness to back down from fighting white supremacy on all fronts. We know that our Black voices have become some of the most powerful voices out there in a short period of time. We know they know this too! Though this is expected, because FB is basically America and America has a long history of taking and controlling Black voices. Facebook has a history with this Example 1 and Example 2 even their employees think so. However, we plan to fight back! We’re currently strategizing on the appropriate move to counter FB’s adverse actions.

We will keep you all updated as things develop. In the meantime – drop a comment of support, tag anyone and everyone you know that works at FB, or knows someone who works at FB, all the way to Mark Zuckerberg himself!!

We know if they’re coming after Kwon Garvey they’re soon to come after Black With No Chaser! The importance of Black owned, operated, and controlled media can’t be understated. Our voices and narratives must be heard and protected. #FreeKwonGarvey #FreeCjLawrence #FaceBookCOINTELLPRO #FightBack #FightThePower #BlackMediaMatters #ControlOurNarratives

Here is CJ Talking about back in October 2018 after a previous incident with facebook.

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