December 10, 2023
Black Lives Matter: 15 Ways To Protect Your Mental Health Right Now & Services Available

This seems like something out of a 1960’s history lesson that you hear on the streets because your school won’t teach you about lynchings. It took me a long time to process what I just experienced. By just, I mean, I just researched 5 black bodies found hanging from trees in the past month. MONTH.

We’ve seen reports of white supremacists fueling tensions at rallies by spreading hate propaganda and starting riots by burning buildings and throwing shit but are they hanging us!?

Not only is there a coronavirus that is disproportionately affecting people of color and a whole movement against these racist police but now they are finding nooses and black bodies hanging all around the country.

I know what you “All Lives Matter“ folks are saying, there are other countries where they are hanging people and nooses too but um, excuse my French, FUCK THAT! I’m talking about right here, right now.

They are saying the hangings are suicide and the nooses are being investigated but are they killing us? We know the folks aka police can cover up murders with a stroke of the pen. We know that the Klan made up the law and created the racist police. We know they will do anything to discredit us. Are they killing us?

I must admit, I hesitated on the story to see if another body would be discovered before I began writing. How horrible is that? Like, I actually thought there would be a 6th and there was! That broke my heart and kept my pen from touching down on the paper to write this up…

These deaths have been ruled as apparent suicides but everyone isn’t happy with that. Though some evidence points to suicide, many family members and close friends of all the victims seem uncertain and uneasy with the decisions to close these cases out as suicides. Hell, I’m uneasy with them calling these cases suicides. This footage that is coming up, why isn’t anyone aware of the victims’ mental health? Is someone targeting our mentally ill? I just imagine movies like Saw where some psychopath is threatening them and/or blackmailing them into suicide. I mean, that’s the only way 6 of us would hang ourselves right? To like, save our family or some shit… I mean, we hate hangings!

So many questions have filled my head.

  1. Why are black people killing themselves like this?
  2. Are black people killing themselves like this?
  3. Why now?
  4. Are we being murdered?
  5. Is the South trying to rise again over our dead bodies?!?! Literally?

An even more serious question that may arise is one of our mental health? Black With No Chaser has been hosting a series of shows and panels focusing on black people and our mental health. Are we being pushed over the edge?


Say their names: this can’t be a coincidence.

May 27, 2020 Otis “Titi” Gulley (Portland, OR)

Image result for otis titi gulley
Photo Courtesy

May 31, 2020 Malcolm Harsch (Victorville, CA)

Image result for malcolm harsch
Photo Courtesy of UNILAD

June 9, 2020 Dominique Alexander (Bronx, NY)

A memorial to Dominique Alexander was erected at his family's home. Vigil lignts were alligned to spell Domo in remembrance of him.
Photo Memorial at Dominique Alexander’s family’s home courtesy of Daily News

June 10, 2020 Robert Fuller (Palmdale, CA)

Image result for robert fuller haanged
Photo Courtesy of NY Post

June 16, 2020 Unidentified Black Teen (Spring, TX)

No photo description available.
Photo Via: Ehrhardt Elementary School on Facebook.

June 29, 2020 Marcus Carr

Photo via GOFUNDME

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