September 24, 2023

Following the release of his 2020 project Fed World, Jo2Federal has figured out his lane and doesn’t plan on taking his foot off the gas.

Today he has released the highly-anticipated music video for his single “Road Runner”.

Joel Henley, known onstage as Jo2Federal, has laid down a strong foundation on which to stake his claims for musical greatness. Since the release of his latest project, Fed World, he has been consistently working to expand his brand and improve the quality of his content. It seems that the stars have aligned as Jo has been performing across the Southeastern region and introducing everyone to his brand.

Beyond Bars & Beats

Jo has been working to perfect his craft since 2017, music has been a constant creative outlet for him. “Music has always been my comfort zone. It soothes me and sometimes opens another side of me”. This is evident in the songs themselves, each one seems personal and well-constructed. He’s always direct and to the point; there are no throwaway lines, every bar has meaning, and adds something critical to the DNA of the track.

It’s rare to see an artist come into their own with such ease and deftly draw you into their world with such an authentic presentation. I think this is best exemplified on the opening track “Northside”, which sees Jo talking about his dreams and aspirations coming from the North Side of Jackson. The wisdom in his words elevates everything being said, it is obvious that he is knowledgeable beyond his years.

“My main goal as an artist… I truly want to get to the point where I am financially peaceful. I don’t want to have to tell my daughter no when she asks for something. I have people that I owe. Not saying I’m in debt but there are people that have stuck by my side through thick and thin. They deserve more than what I can give right now.”

Everything that Jo speaks on in his music, seems like the life he’s truly leading currently or has prescribed to in the past. If I had to compare him to mainstream counterparts, he falls in the class with artists such as Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy.

After the loss of his close friend Marco, Jo found a renewed energy for music and decided to make some changes in his life. He was going to create the legacy that they had envisioned. “Marco’s death took a toll on all of us… but it opened my eyes to a lot. I’ve learned to care for and handle things for myself and my family first. Once you’re dead and gone all those homeboys and friends will forget about you and act like they never met your family”.

Marco was also an artist, but never really got the opportunity to put real effort into his craft. Jo is determined not to make the same mistakes. “Marco was a rapper but I couldn’t get him to take it as seriously as he should have. Bro had real talent! But we had a lot going on at the time”.

The inspiration from that loss helped him to create the project that would put him on the path to turning his dreams into reality.

The Album That Opened The Door

Fed World is the kind of album that you can put on and play front to back, and with each new listen you’ll find something new that you missed on your last listen. There are songs that are perfect for cruising to the club, songs that will motivate you to increase your grind, tracks to play for that special person in your life, a ready-made Tik Tok banger, and cautionary tales about leading the street life. Regardless of what you are looking for, there is a vibe that you can relate to.

The album helped to propel Jo2Federal into the forefront of a competitive playground in the independent hip-hop arena. The project has undeniable depth in the content, along with catchy flows and varied production styles. Jo easily pivots between genres, vibes, and subject matter and finds success no matter which lane he’s in on a track. Stand out tracks include “Northside”, “Neverland”, “Ride”, “Road Runner”, “Stick Up”, “Do You”, and “Finally Won”.

His sound has been catching the ears of promoters, DJs, and music industry figures throughout his home state of Mississippi, the city of Atlanta, Louisiana, and Florida. He’s gaining recognition from the right ears and he’s an artist to keep an eye on.

FED World

He’s creatively marketing his personal lifestyle as well as his music. He has a major presence on social media with 17.000 plus followers on Tik Tok and almost 9,000 followers on Instagram. He’s a father, a husband, and a firefighter serving his community in ways that most people can’t even imagine. The creative synergy he shares with his wife is amazing, the support they pour into each other is what ending generational curses is all about. “Versace and I have never been the lazy type. We’re always on go. So why not make money while we move and operate. It’s crazy because we clicked almost instantly. Our friendship grew from there and now we’re married and business partners. You gotta want better for yourself and we both have the same goal: Success”.

What’s Next?

Jo has released a slew of singles since gaining traction on Fed World, and he also has a new project in the works called Collaboration Over Competition. “For Collaboration Over Competition, I found some of my favorite artists from the city to collab with. I’m tired of people saying that we can’t work together and that all we do is pull each other down. People think that you have to move to the bigger cities and more popular areas to get noticed. I want those people to come here to our hometown and look for us!”

He also has plans to create more visuals and do more interviews so that he can build a stronger connection with his growing fanbase. “My plans as of now are to shoot some visuals to the songs I have already released. I need to catch more eyes. I’ve already got their ears. My next feature will be a big name… but it’s still coming straight from MISSISSIPPI.”

The official music video for “Road Runner” is releasing tonight at 7 PM! Follow him on Instagram so that you don’t miss the drop!

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