December 9, 2023

Disclaimer: At Black With No Chaser, we believe in providing a platform for all voices. This series is brought to us by our incarcerated brother Nasir Salaam. We hope you enjoy and encourage his willingness to share his mind with us. Nasir can be found on Instagram @freenazz Nazz On IG also help Nasir reach 1000 signatures by clicking on the link Change.Org for his wrongful conviction. Learn more about his story.

We never claimed to be angels, prophets or a messenger, just a human being that’s prone to mistakes. I’m speaking about myself, but I’m also giving you a mirror to remind you that you’re not that different than me. What separates us is our path that we’re destined for even when adverse circumstances enters our lives during our travels. But what brings us back together is the basic human flaw known to man; SINNING! I’m not speaking from a religious aspect, I’m speaking from a common human error that we will all go through while we’re existing here on this very earth that is stained with stories of those that came before us, and those very souls that will come after us.

Its hard to judge from beyond the bleachers when you never played in a rigged game unbeknownst to man. Training, exercising, dieting, just to suffer defeat because that dream you were chasing was another mans prop bet for his retirement pension. So once we become aware of these things we hedge our bets and cheat a little just to get the upper hand like they do. We get away with it a few times, we made a few dollars and shined in the spotlight. But remember, the game is rigged so its primary designed was to allow you to win a few times so you can become one of them. But lo and behold you will never become one of them! That’s a high society club that controls and dictates narratives to their favor and you were just a number that they were waiting to place a bet on. Even if they were to get caught, society stands highly in their favor based on the pigment of their skin and the blue blood that courses through their icy veins. They sway communities to turn against you even yours, they control the media to paint you in a light that besmirches your character, and they assassinate the few who dares come to your aid so you can stand alone and afraid before their prominent high society that rules with a nefarious dictatorship. GUILTY!!!

I made mistakes, painful irreversible mistakes that cost deeply. Wounds will never heal, the heart is still hurting. The rewind button is something man or woman has never made because sins were intended to be made. But also FORGIVENESS and REDEMPTION was put in place as well. How quick we are to forget other words such as those when we could easily be under those same conditions if that high society club was placing bets in your own backyard. How quick we forget until it hits home and we’re finally confronted with the unfortunate truth, we don’t even have home field advantage. But yet we do, when you keep this excerpt from the book “Flaws Of Perfection” in mind: “What I’ve learned from this experience is how to humble myself through the odds, to judge is to be judged that only matters before God.”

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