December 8, 2023

Originally, my debut post on BWNC’s wonderfully black site was going to be “Thanos: The Realest MF I Know”, but the NCAA had other plans.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association decided it was time to put a stop to Rich Paul’s uncanny ability to make incredible business moves.  The NCAA implemented new criteria for what they’ll consider a sports agent and now requires an agent to have a Bachelor’s degree, a certification with the NBPA for a minimum of three years, and pass an in-person exam at the NCAA office in Indianapolis.  Now if you’re not familiar with the situation, you probably read that and asked yourself, “What’s so bad about that?”

Well, Rich Paul has pissed a lot of people off.  In a piece in Sports Illustrated, several peers and rivals said (anonymously, of course… fucking cowards) plenty of shady shit about LeBron’s agent.  They feel he has too much power and wonder how a man without a degree is dog-walking both the NBA and other agencies. So there’s the first place where the rule appears to be going directly after Rich.  He met LeBron well before James turned pro.  They built a friendship and when LeBron got ready to go to the NBA, he took a chance on his friend and made him his agent.  That’s right, Rich Paul’s first client as an agent was LeBron Freakin James, who has now become a global icon, top 3 NBA player of all time, and the leader of all negroes who love Taco Tuesday.  Agents think he had a head start, but refuse to acknowledge how Rich and Lebron have fought together for everything they have.

The certification with the NBPA is reasonable, but I have to talk about how ridiculously sanctimonious it is for the NCAA to want anybody to pass a piss-ant test given by them… In Indianapolis!  The NCAA has, for years, turned a blind eye to college athletes getting grades handed to them and allowing enrollment in bullshit classes during football and basketball season for decades! And you’re telling me they want somebody to fly to them for a test?!  Get the entire fuck outta here!!!  Even with all of this, we haven’t made it to why this rule is bullshit.   Allow me to explain how this works.

The NCAA developed a rule a few years ago allowing players who want to test the NBA waters to sign with an agent, go through the draft process, and if things didn’t work out the student athlete would be allowed to return to school and play another year without penalty.  This was seen as an olive branch towards players who wanted to actually go out and get paid for their abilities (because, y’know, the NCAA refuses to pay the players) since prior to the rule if a player left college early to pursue greener pastures, they were not allowed to return to their school as a student athlete.  Now with this new rule, if a player signs with Rich Paul’s Klutch Sports and doesn’t get drafted, they can’t come back to their university and play basketball (or really any sport) again based on the education of their agent.

I’m going to stop here and give you a moment to read that again.

Bullshit, right?

Now I’m sure more agents than Rich Paul will be affected by this.  Hell, Paul himself may not be hurt by this too much. The NEXT Rich Paul is the one who’s going to pay for this rule the most, and it’s a damn shame.  The rule is trash and is made worse because it’s coming from a corrupt organization that almost prides itself off exploiting their labor.

Here’s hoping an HBCU pulls some strings and award him with … I should stop, I’ve said too much.

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