September 30, 2023

We are back again with another exclusive interview.

BWNC, over the last couple of years, have nabbed a lot of exclusive interviews, but honestly, we never thought we would get Weed aka THC aka Marijuana aka Cannibas aka Your Grandma’s secret medicine. Well, in light of Sha’Carri Richardson being suspended for one month by the Olympic Committee due testing positive for marijuana, getting an interview with the substance was in very high demand. No pun intended on high. Ok, maybe some.

Anyway, we got it. And it had a lot to say about, well, everything.

BWNC: *Exhales joint* Pardon my manners, it’s nice to meet you. Well, we’ve already met *laughs uncontrollably*. I mean it’s nice to actually talk to you!

Weed: You smoking my cousin!

BWNC: Oh no! That’s who this is?!? My sincerest apolog…

Weed: Nah, I’m just joking! Hahaha. I don’t know who that is you smoking.

BWNC: Whew. Because I don’t want no smoke.

Weed: Pun intended?

BWNC: I’m so high right now, I don’t even know. Anyway, what was your reaction to Sha’Carri Richardson being suspended after smoking, well, you?

Weed: She should’ve been suspended if you ask me.

BWNC: *Hits joint* Wait, what!!? *Starts coughing*

Weed: Well, because..

BWNC: *Keeps coughing uncontrollably*

Weed: You ok?

BWNC: Yeah, your cousin, I mean whoever this is, that loud. But please, sorry for interrupting. Please proceed.

Weed: Anyway, but yeah. Well to answer your question, it’s because she knew the rules. She knew I was a banned substance. She knew the consequences associated with smoking me.

BWNC: Ok, that might be the case, but there is also an argument to be made that you shouldn’t be tested in the first place. We have seen a number of countries around the globe decriminalizing you, not testing for you at all and making you all out legal. Even the United States is making the turn to finally federally legalizing you, even though you are deemed a Schedule 1 substance by the DEA.

Weed: I get all that. But still it’s her fault. What she really should’ve done is pop pills like a normal adult.

BWNC: Excuse me?

Weed: What? Pop pills. Relieving stress with me is immature and sophomoric. What she really should’ve done is pop more harmful and far more addictive pills like a normal, mature adult. Percs, Xanax, Adderall. All that. Hydro 30? No, pop that Perc 30!

BWNC: Jesus. So, you are saying a possible opioid addiction from this Black American hero is safer than smoking you, which studies have shown you to be a lot less harmful, and may have health benefits, including safely tackling stress and anxiety?

Weed: Yep, that’s exactly what I’m saying. I didn’t make up the rules.

BWNC: Well, it seems like the rules should be changed.

Weed: It seems like she should’ve done cocaine. It would’ve been out of her system in like 24 hours. And ain’t she trying to run faster, anyway?

BWNC: I don’t know if it’s because I’m high, but that’s actually not the worst idea in the world. It’s been, well not such a pleasure talking to you. Any last words before we go?

Weed: Yep, all I gotta say is, Hey hey hey, smoke weed, everyday! Except if you’re Sha’Carri Richardson, I guess. *Starts laughing*

BWNC: Too soon.

Leslie McLemore writes about a lot of different shit for Black With No Chaser. He is also the Takeaway Kang, the greatest baby father to the dopest babymomma, and the father of two beautiful girls, one of which gets on every nerve he has. The other one is sweet…sometimes. So, you know, balance. Sort of.

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