Electability Is A Russian Bot

Elizabeth Warren was it.. she was it, for me personally, I can’t even lie. She may not have been it for you, but she was it for me. But I didn’t go to bat on this white man’s internet as much as I should’ve. Going back and forth with people via Social Media is for the young and old, while I reside in the middle, observing comment battles—with a cup of cranberry juice, spiked with Tito’s Vodka—that rage on for a millennia. But honestly, I regret that.. because, to me,…

Your Daily Shot: 5 Things You Need To Know On McConnell, Tropical Storm Erick and, Festival Shooting and More

Much has happened over the weekend. Let’s see if we can catch you up with Your Daily Shot. From Sen. Mitch McConnell taking lobbyist dollars from a voting machine company before blocking election security bills to Tropical Storms Erick and Flossie approaching hurricane status.