September 30, 2023

On September 23, 2021 two white males displaying white supremacist & anti Black rhetoric walked into the recently constructed Arizona State Multicultural Solidarity Center (MSC). The MSC space is a safe space advocated for by Black & Brown students for the last 5 years. The center finally opened in Fall of 2021. For perspective it is CURRENTLY FALL OF 2021. The students of color who use the center as a safe space feel that ASU didn’t listen to their concerns regarding making the center safe for them from these types of potential confrontations.

Black With No Chaser was able to find and share the thread of the September 23 incident in which two white males entered the MSC with “Police Lives Matter” stickers on their computer.

The students created this space so they could have somewhere for themselves free of white people either centering or attempting to center themselves within the space. The young women who have taken a stand for the MSC have been attacked with Death threats and harassment since taking their stand.

The MSC has made several instagram posts addressing the incident and a new hashtag has started to make the rounds on instagram #DefendMSC.

The Multicultural solidarity center had a very clearly articulated purpose.

Our Team at Black With No Chaser fully supports the efforts of the young Black and Brown youth advocating for the Multicultural Solidarity Center and for it to be a space safe from the delusion of white supremacist rhetoric. We would also like to hear directly from ASU regarding how it plans to address the Death threats against the MSC students, white supremacist threats against the multicultural space, and whitenesses desire to be centered in a space created so that Black and Brown students could have and hold space not centered on whiteness.

Here you can see the students’ full Response.

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